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Where others see trash
We see raw materials

– Ron from the Wheel


Parcels with Passion. You can focus on growing your business while we handle your logistics and warehousing with great accuracy and efficiency.


We provide a wide range of omnichannel solutions, delivering a high level of accessibility and service, reliable information and care for your customers.


In a sea of sameness, be unforgettable! We create stories that help our brands drive business, build loyal communities and reshape mindsets.


We build brands that stand out, connect and prosper. All according to our philosophy ‘Create Something Good.”


We believe that the only way for a long-term positive impact is to value relationships over transactions and to invest a significant amount of time in the connection between people and nature.

Reach out to us if you would like to meet and greet. We have great coffee in our office!

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News from Ideavelop

We believe in exploring the details and telling a story in everything we do. Stay connected with us and keep informed about everything that drives us.

Less plastic good for everyone

Reducing plastic consumption is high on our agenda. Plastics cause a huge visible and invisible mountain of waste. It is so bad that microplastics end up in our rivers, seas,[…]

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The most durable fleece in the world

In recent years we have worked hard on a new textile innovation: fleece without plastic, with recycled, natural fibers. After many tests, the result is finally there. We will launch[…]

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Durable workwear without plastic

Thanks to friends from the first hour, Conscious Hotels and Jaz Hotels, we were able to give a swing to the first workwear innovations last year. We now make workwear[…]

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