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If you see someone without a smile give them one of yours, because most smiles are started by another smile

Hi! Welcome to our very spontaneous Facebook page for which we organized a very uncomfortable photo shoot. We are a team of hardworking individuals that make the best of each day.

Most of us have been around for more than 10 years. Yes millennial, some consider being part of a company for a long time of a different era. We consider it a privilege to be together and create a vibrant place where gained and shared knowledge is elementary to keep up with the ever changing consumer behavior.

Conny Slaghekke
Captain of Multitasking
Gaby von Bobart
Lead Door Knocker
Jerri Dollekamp
Workflow Guru
Rutger Springer
Collector of Business Cards
Stefan van Dijkhuizen
Wizzard of lightbulb moments
Ron van de Wiel
Chief Inspiration Officer
Gertjan Yeti Eshuis
Master Handshaker
Chantal Kosters
Digital Dynamo
Tonnie Elferink
Operations Rockstar
Jasper Snoeijer
Warehouse Ninja
Remy Weide
Warehouse Ninja
Daan Gerritsen
Warehouse Ninja
Tom Mennen
Chief Educator
Andre Weise
Woke Ambassador
Ed van Linschoten
Flying Dutchman
This Could be you!
Cast Member