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Less plastic good for everyone

Reducing plastic consumption is high on our agenda. Plastics cause a huge visible and invisible mountain of waste. It is so bad that microplastics end up in our rivers, seas, and drinking water and infiltrate our food chains. In order to turn the tide, in 2018 we started packing all Blue LOOP items in recycled…
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The most durable fleece in the world

In recent years we have worked hard on a new textile innovation: fleece without plastic, with recycled, natural fibers. After many tests, the result is finally there. We will launch this innovation from 2021. We have also made great strides in coloring clothing with natural dyes that do not require chemicals. Our fabric and clothing…
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Durable workwear without plastic

Thanks to friends from the first hour, Conscious Hotels and Jaz Hotels, we were able to give a swing to the first workwear innovations last year. We now make workwear that lasts for a long time, is 100% natural and recyclable, and has good colourfast properties.